You can go home again

Keven Child, QHS grad, and now the newest chiropractor in town. 

Keven Child opened Precision Chiropractic in suite C of the Milbrandt Building, and is determined to make a difference in the lives of his patients.

He’s, of course, not the only chiropractor in town, some of whom he knows well, but he is betting that the way he does his job will set him apart from the competition.

“I think the ability to take insurance and be mostly paperless with paperwork” will set him apart, he said. “I accept all kinds of payments, all cards.

In addition, a different technique and flexible hours will also make a difference, he predicted.

A practicing chiropractor for a little more than 12 years, he started his career in Kennewick before deciding to return to his hometown. He has been open for business a little more than a week.

Being back in Quincy, where he graduated from high school in 1995, is exciting for Child, married to a QHS graduate (1996) who also wanted to come home and work with her family’s farm.

His interest in chiropractic also began in Quincy, thanks to Dr. Randy Zolman, who first introduced him to the profession.

“I was a farm kid, didn’t really think I was doctor material,” he said.

He farmed for a number of years before moving to Prosser to work at an onion farm. The owner of the onion farm gave him one last push to convince him to become a doctor. The push came in the form of a pink slip and two months’ severance.

He moved to Iowa and graduated from the original chiropractic school, Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2009.

He had always liked biology, so anatomy and physiology classes came pretty close to second nature to him at Palmer.

“That’s when I knew I was doing the right thing,” he said, later adding that his only regret is not having done it sooner.

“I love it when someone comes in with a problem and I get to figure out, diagnose it, then treat it and watch them get better,” he said.

After college came the move to Kennewick, and a dozen years later, the return home.

Still, as familiar as he is with the Quincy Valley, it was not an easy decision.

“Our kids both grew up in Tri-Cities,” he said, adding that they both graduated from high school there.

With the children out of the house, and no more company than each other and a dog, they made the move back up north to Grant County.

After being a part of a large chiropractic office in Kennewick, he’s also breaking out on his own for the first time, which can be scary, he says.

“I think I’ve gotten a lot more gray hair in the last couple of months,” he said. “There’s a lot of learning to do, and there’s a whole new software system.”

This has meant long hours of training. He takes it all in stride.

“I love what I do, and I’m good at what I do,” he said. “So I’m excited to be here and do it.”

It helps that he seems to be hitting the ground running, with three patients on his second day.

Looking ahead, he would like his practice more settled, as part of the community, and tending to 40-50 patients per week.

“If it’s more, that’s OK, too,” he said, later adding, “We are pretty much committed to Quincy for the rest of our lives.”

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