mini camp

A coach observes as campers competed one-on-one during day three of the mini camp. The goal of the exercise was for the wrestler to take the opponent’s flag from their waistband using wrestling techniques.

Quincy Youth Wrestling held a mini camp over the last week and a half to get kids involved in wrestling and build skills.

The mini camp is a way for Kindergarten to eighth grade kids to gain important skills and stay active.

In addition to wrestling skills, the mini camp teaches kids how to follow directions, handle their emotions, control their body, respect authority and understand success is earned through hard work and determination.

Coach Greg Martinez said that the mini camp was a way to get the youth wrestling program on kids radars and keep them active. The typical youth wrestling season is January to March but this is the first mini camp for the program. Martinez said that they have received a good response and turnout from the youth so they are considering making the mini camp an annual thing.

Martinez also said that all coaches involved in the camp are volunteers who all have wrestling experience and are QHS alumni.

The camp and youth program is for boys and girls Kindergarten to eighth grade with any level of wrestling experience. “We love to work with all levels,” Martinez said.

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