Sara A. Renn

Quincy, WA

It is with great sorrow that the family of Sara A. Renn, announces her passing on May 4, 2021. She was 61 years old. Sara was a long-time resident of Quincy, WA. Sara was born in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, on June 30, 1959, to Vincente Alvarez and Glafina Torres. When Sara was young, she moved to Quincy. She had her first daughter, Isavel, in February of 1978. Several years later, she met and wed, Daniel Renn, welcoming her second daughter, Amanda, in February of 1985. To help support the family, Sara found employment at Quincy Foods, originally known as Simplot. She was a dedicated employee there for over 20 years.

When Sara wasn't busy with work, she loved to work in her garden. She would spend countless hours hand-watering her lawn and rose bushes. Many people in the community admired and commented on their beauty. Spending time with her daughters and grandchildren was something that Sara valued highly and cherished greatly.

Sara is survived by two daughters: Isavel Smith and Amanda Petersen; two grandchildren: Christopher Petersen and Isabella Petersen; and her ex-husband, Daniel Renn.

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