Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the high school spring sports season has been postponed. The Post-Register would like to recognize the following senior athletes on the QHS boys baseball team who will not get to play their final season. Comments submitted by Head Coach Shaun McNay.

Abigail Castillo

Abigail is one of our team managers. She was in her third year in that role. Her brother played for the Jacks and her sister was also a team manager. Abigail is a tireless worker with a desire to help others succeed. She is smart, others-focused, and joyful. If attitude determines altitude, then Abigail Castillo is going to “Soar High!”

Ruben Vargas

Ruben plays both third base and outfield. He has a strong arm, is a fearless defender, and an intense competitor. He is one of the physically strongest young men I’ve ever coached; an absolute powerhouse. His sense of humor was important to keeping our team loose.

Nick Gonzalez

Nick pitches and plays shortstop. He is a four year varsity starter. He gave us a chance to win against any team in the CWAC. He is definitely one of the most talented players in our league both offensively and defensively. He loves the game of baseball as much as anyone I’ve coached. He was unquestionably our captain.

Connor Donovan

Connor plays centerfield. He is fast, smart, and relentless. In my ten years of coaching, no one has ever worked any harder than Connor Donovan. He gave us a chance to win in every aspect of the game: at the plate, on the bases, in the field, and work ethic. Simply stated, I wish I could clone him.

Kian Fox

Kian plays outfield and pitches. This is a young man who is not afraid to work hard. After a junior year that was cut short by a leg injury, Kian came into his senior year with a confidence built off a successful wrestling season. He was a pleasure to coach.

Brett Kooy

Brett is our catcher. He has good defensive skills, arm strength, and handles the pitch calling duties with confidence. We were going to be good defensively this year and that starts with Brett behind the plate. He is mentally tough and handles adversity well, which is an essential skill to succeed in baseball. He is happy when he is on a baseball field… a complete joy to coach.

Justin Thompson

Justin is our first baseman and pitches. He is one of the most naturally gifted athletes I’ve ever coached. He makes things look easier than they actually are. He can switch hit, steal bases, field his position, and provide important relief pitching. There isn’t a position on the field that Justin couldn’t play. He was essential to our plans for progressing in the playoffs.

Seth Weber

Seth plays outfield. He transferred to QHS for his senior year. It’s not easy to be the “new kid in town” but Seth is not afraid of a challenge. He is a naturally gifted athlete, very fast, and strong. After playing basketball for the Jacks, he came into this season in great shape. I was looking forward coaching him.

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